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    KWRD Phase 1B Improvements - Current Project Information

    The District's $46.35m project is currently under construction.

    Details of the ongoing project can be viewed by clicking below.

    Phase 1B

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    Work in the Collection System

    Projects Ongoing

    Sewer System Evaluation & Survey

    Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District crews carry out cross-flooding, televising of sewers and manhole inspections. Information obtained in these tests is used to determine what rehabilitation work needs to be done in upcoming Spot Repair and Sewer Lining projects.

    Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District personnel drive Various models of trucks bearing the District’s name. You may see our collections personnel wearing orange and yellow reflective vests and jackets, or bright-colored T-shirts bearing the District’s name. Each employee carries a District identification badge.

    Flow Monitoring

    Flow Monitoring studies are conducted by Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District collections system personnel. They place monitoring equipment in selected manholes to record the amount of wastewater moving past that point, its speed and how both of these measurements change during rainfall events.

    Miscellaneous and Emergency Sewer Repairs

    Repair or replacement of sewer main or manholes may be conducted on an “as-needed” emergency basis. District crews or contractors will carry out these repairs.

    Contact us with Questions about Our Street Projects

    Call KWRD @ (815)-758-3513 if you have any questions about our people or our work.

    Projects in Cooperation with the City of DeKalb

    Good Neighbors Working Together

    The Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District and the City of DeKalb Engineering, Operations and Water Departments work together on a daily basis to coordinate their efforts for the good of the community as a whole.

    Repairs During City Street Resurfacing

    As part of ongoing sanitary sewer improvement planning, Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District contracts each summer to repair manholes in streets that the City of DeKalb will be resurfacing.

    We attempt to prevent having to excavate a street that was recently repaved by the City of DeKalb by scheduling our work on a street for the same time they are resurfacing it.

    The City of DeKalb Directs These Projects

    These repairs are performed by the City of DeKalb’s contractors and the City is reimbursed for them by the Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District. Control of the projects lies with the City of DeKalb.

    If you have questions about these projects, check with the City of DeKalb Department of Engineering at 815 748-2030.

    City of DeKalb Projects

    City of DeKalb Street and Water Department crews and their contractors may be working on projects or repair jobs at any time. Much of their equipment is orange. If you have questions about their work in the streets, call

    • City of DeKalb Street Division at (815)-748-2040
    • City of DeKalb Utility Division at (815)-748-2050
    • City of DeKalb Engineering Division at (815)-748-2030

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