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    KWRD Phase 1B Improvements - Current Project Information

    The District's $46.35m project is currently under construction.

    Details of the ongoing project can be viewed by clicking below.

    Phase 1B

    Dreading Thanksgiving Cleanup - Bring In Your Used Cooking Oil Here

    Free: Bring in your Turkey Frying Grease to our Drop-off Box located in our front lot for your convenience.

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    Connection Fee

    Paying for the Cost of Expansion

    The connection fee charged is proportional to increased demand on the Collection and Wastewater Treatment System.

    A connection fee for each new hookup to the sanitary system was established with the passage of Ordinance 464 on November 20, 2002 and adjusted by Ordinance No. 532 passed on July 21, 2010. Connection fees are specifically dedicated to support the capital costs associated with the service area’s need for additional wastewater treatment works due to new construction.

    Calculation of Connection Fees

    A connection fee in the amount of $400.00 per Population Equivalent is payable directly to the District by anyone desiring to connect to any sanitary sewer within the District or otherwise served by the District.

    Based on IEPA Estimates for Usage

    One Population Equivalent (P.E.) is defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as 100 gallons of wastewater per person per day.

    Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s TITLE 35: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, SUBTITLE C: WATER POLLUTION, CHAPTER II: Part 370, as well as Section 370 Appendix A, Table No. 1 present these Resident Occupancy Criteria.

    • An efficiency or studio apartment is rated at 1 P.E. (and will have a connection fee of $400.00).
    • A one-bedroom apartment is rated at 1.5 P.E. (and will have a connection fee of $600.00).
    • A mobile home is rated at 2.25 P.E. (and will have a connection fee of $900.00).
    • A single family home is rated at 3.5 P.E. (and will have a connection fee of $1,400.00).
    • Multi-family units are rated at 3 P.E. ($1,200.00) per unit and connection fees are calculated for the building according to number of units.
    • Commercial and industrial buildings are calculated according to the P.E. they can be expected to produce (with a minimum connection fee of $400.00 = one P.E.).

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