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    KWRD Phase 1B Improvements

    The District's $46.35m project is currently under construction.

    Details of the ongoing project can be viewed by clicking below

    Ph 1B Improvements

    FY 2018/19 Tentative Budget

    The FY 2018/19 Tentative Budget is available

    for review. To view please click the link below

    View KWRD FY 2018/19 Tentative Budget

    User Fees for Sanitary Sewers

    Rate Increase as of April, 2016

    Ordinance No. 564 was passed on March 14, 2016 and will be reflected on bills issued by the City of DeKalb after April 1, 2016 which will reflect the past “Bi-Monthly” water use on which sewer charges are based.

    The amount the District charges to treat 748 gallons of sewage (100 cubic feet) increased from $3.40 to $3.45. The $10.00 per quarter user charge was changed to $8.00 per bi-monthly billing period. For an average residential customer using 70 units per year this results in an $11.50 annual increase, or 96 cents per month. See more about how the average is calculated below.

    What’s an Average B-Monthly Bill?

    $0.87 per House per Day

    The use of toilets, garbage disposals, showers, tubs, sinks and other organic waste drains for an “average” single family home are included in this estimate.


    • While no family really is “average,” the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a “Typical Single Family Residence” produces 160 gallons of wastewater per day.
    • At 60 days per bi-monthly period, the “average” single-family residence produces 9,600 gallons of wastewater per bi-monthly billing period.
    • 9,600 / 748 (There are approximately 7.48 gallons in a cubic foot of water, and a billing unit is 100 cubic feet.) equals 12.83 units per bi-monthly period.
    • 12.83 units times $3.45 per unit equals $44.26
    • plus bi-monthly fixed-rate per account user charge of $8.00 equals $52.26.
    • $52.26 divided by the 60-day bi-monthly period equals $0.87 each day per “average” residence.

    Note that the above calculations do not include the yearly taxes assessed by the Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District and collected by DeKalb County on behalf of the District.

    How Are Bills Issued?

    Bills for users in the Sanitary District are issued by the City of DeKalb on behalf of the District.

    Questions about billing can be directed to the City of DeKalb Billing Department at 815 748-2085.

    What are Fees Used For?

    The District spends the money it collects on the equipment that speeds the biological processes of water restoration enough to handle the 4.5 to 6.0 Million Gallons of wastewater, users send our way each and every day (1,250 billion gallons of wastewater in a year), as well as on the chemicals that help to ensure that the discharge to the Kishwaukee River is safe and clean.

    The collection system (the pipes that deliver the wastewater from your homes and businesses to our plant) must also be constantly maintained, repaired and replaced to keep used sanitary water from escaping into the ground water system.

    Questions about our user charges can be directed to Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District at (815) 758-3513.

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